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28 Sep 2023

Buriti Vase Co-created by Designer Sergio Matos

Canto Design

Introducing the Buriti Vase, a remarkable collaboration between the renowned Brazilian Artist and designer, Sergio Matos, and Indigenous artisans from the Baré, Baniwa, Tariano, Tukano, and Tuyuca ethnicities, residing in the Amazon Rainforest. These vases showcase traditional basketry techniques passed down through generations and are expertly crafted from piassava, a fibre derived from native Brazilian palm trees. The raw material is sustainably sourced from the Negro River and its tributaries, Padauiri and Aracá, where Indigenous wisdom guides environmentally responsible harvesting practices. 

The fibre undergoes a unique age-old transformation process, soaking in mud for four days to achieve its deep, organic hue. The intricate braiding of piassava results in captivating patterns that reflect the rich cultural heritage of these communities. In addition to their roles as works of art, the Buriti Vases also serve functional purposes, seamlessly blending decoration and utility. They represent true pieces of Amazonian craftsmanship, embodying tradition, sustainability, and artistic brilliance.