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28 Sep 2023

“Birds” Large Cushion Co-created By Designer Renato Imbroisi, 58 cm x 58 cm

Canto Design

Our hand-embroidered cushion is crafted by skilled women artisans from Minas Gerais - a state in Southeast Brazil. In collaboration with the designer Renato Imbroisi, the artisan Monica da Cunha is the creative force behind these remarkable pieces. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, this cushion combines traditional weaving with intricate hand-embroidery techniques and exclusive patterns that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. A distinctive feature of this collection is that each and every piece is crafted by a team of local women artisans. While Monica da Cunha is in charge of the drawings, a second artisan, specializing in embroidery, selects the colour palette and brings Monica’s unique designs to life.