03 Nov 2021

Aubergine & Tomato Relish with ChickPeas

Terra Rossa Jordan Ltd Stand: GT19

About this Relish

  • Made with roasted aubergines and tomatoes that are flavoured with Zaatar and Dukka, and is packed with exotic flavours of both date and pomegranate molasses.
  • Just like all the other Terra Rossa sauces, it can be eaten straight away with fresh bread and is equally wonderful as a topping for fresh dips especially Baba Ganouch.
  • It is ideally suited as a stir through for pasta or bulgur and is perfect for making stews with potatoes, paneer or tofu served with rice or couscous.
  • Try using it as a sauce to make moussaka, to add flavour to pizza bases topped with buffalo cheese, eggs and fresh spinach leaves.
  • It is also perfect as a topping for jacket potatoes and a filler for tacos with Guacamole, Greek yoghurt and grated Cheddar cheese.