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25 Oct 2021

After Eight (Thirty)

Nuditea Stand: FD27
  • After Eight (Thirty)
  • After Eight (Thirty)
  • After Eight (Thirty)
After Eight (Thirty) After Eight (Thirty) After Eight (Thirty)

Creamy, chocolatey and minty, this is a blend that perfectly combines decadence and refreshment.

This naturally caffeine-free Rooibos infusion is layered with Cacao Nibs and Shells, for double the chocolate hit. Then balanced out with some refreshing, invigorating Peppermint. All infused with delicious Vanilla, for an extra creamy taste.

We like to drink it with milk, but it tastes great either way, and is the perfect treat any time of day.

Packaging: 100% Plastic Free and Compostable. Simply place in your Food Waste Bin when finished. Also available in 100% Compostable Whole Leaf Teabags here.