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Peachaus Press Release

Peachaus Stand: P87
Peachaus Press Release


Peachaus: Everyday-beautiful clothing, positive impact platform

We craft beautiful, ethically made underwear and clothing, but have a much bigger purpose.  With the right caretakers, the fashion industry can be a space full of humanity and hope.  So, we're creating a platform and retail experience that centres on connection, collaboration and positivity.  Because that's how we can ignite change.


We make 'everyday beautiful' sustainable underwear and clothing that looks great and feels incredibleOur products are considered, artful, light-as-air and supremely comfortable and we’ve thought of all the little extra details!  We collaborate with artists and creatives on our beautiful embroideries and prints and use only low-impact ethically sourced cotton, bamboo, recycled lace and polyester; all our products are designed to last so you can love them for longer and we are rethinking fit to make it simple, adaptable and relevant for modern women. 


As important as our products are, we are working towards a bigger ambition to leave a positive imprint on the world.  We are building a platform that celebrates connection and creative collaboration, supporting communities, mentoring future talent and advocating for a better fashion system.  We are bringing hope and soul into the fashion industry, because the status quo isn’t good enough anymore; we are putting people and planet back at the heart of everything we do.

About the founder: Gilly Ridley Whittle

Having enjoyed three decades of helping global corporate fashion businesses, I recently realised that I was part of a broken fashion system that was out of sync with its customers, the planet and humanity. This is how Peachaus took seed. And now, we’re at the start of a journey to create beautiful, wearable, ethically made clothes that people want to cherish, but, moreover, to leave the world a better place than we found it.

We make clothes, but we inspire hope

Our purpose is to ignite the power of ‘we’ and leave a lasting positive legacy
Our vision is to be an agent of change in building a better fashion system
Our mission is to inspire hope and collective change

We make every day-beautiful product:

●      contemporary feminine style

●      premium fabrics, components and craftsmanship

●      made for longevity, not trend

●      effortless comfort / weightless support (lingerie) / elevated fit

●      meaningful, transcendent colour

●      ethical production practices

Clothes that are made in the right way and designed to be loved for longer:

●      Gold-standard partner factories with industry-leading sustainable and ethical practices

●      Made in Portugal (Skin intimates, FM Textiles, Clothius), except sleep, which is made in India (Bandana Ltd.)

●      Recycled and renewable fabrics: premium ethical cotton (BCI), bamboo and recycled performance yarns

Hope is the golden thread that connects everything we do