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01 Jun 2021

The Fashion Hub

NoLoGo-Chic Stand: K86
The Fashion Hub
Natural Fabrics - Naturally Beautiful - From NoLoGo

With the world’s increasing focus on ethically responsible fashion, Malhamé’s mission is to bring morally sourced, designed, and fine artisan craftsmanship to the discerning woman. Each garment is a reflection through a well-travelled lens, each carefully designed and sourced with its own unique detailing, meaning each piece is as individual as the woman who wears it.


NoLoGo’s ethical collection comprises beautifully decorated everyday wardrobe staples, resort wear and sleepwear in the finest natural fabrics, finished with exquisitely handcrafted designs. Behind each piece lies authentic ethnic craftmanship true celebrating the traditional techniques of the locality in which it was produced. Tina’s mission goes beyond fashion. Customers will soon be able to rest easy and sleep soundly with the soon to be launched home linens collection. 


“I journeyed far and wide in my career as a designer, from Italy to India, Paris to the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and beyond. I have been honoured to design alongside inspiring craftspeople, working tirelessly to continue traditions such as block printing, hand embroidery, batik, dip dye and tie-dye techniques and weavers who create magic at their looms. Many garments have the crafts person's heart and soul worked into it. These pieces have a story to tell. Clothing and accessories which will become favourites. To keep. To treasure. To love.” Tina x