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26 Oct 2022


Baz & Co Stand: P112

BAZ & CO was founded by James Chase and launched in September 2022 with three key products for a simple, 3-step morning routine. Products include: Restore and Awaken Body Wash (£24), Brightening 2-in-1 Exfoliator (£24) and Skin Food Moisturiser (£34) and a special BAZ BUNDLE gift box released this winter only, including all three products for the special price of £60 – ideal for Christmas gifting this season.

While there’s no such thing as a quick fix, over time, natural products will always lead to naturally healthier skin. It’s why BAZ & CO never use parabens, soap, harsh exfoliants, detergents, sulphates, synthetic chemicals, or anything else artificial ever. When it comes to your skin, a healthy diet is just as important as the one you eat; that’s why the hero ingredient featured in all three products is basil, proudly grown at the UK’s leading vertical farm.

“Everything we make is a celebration of naturally, vertical-farm-grown goodness, packed with a healthy diet of everything your skin needs, and nothing it doesn’t. The process is as green as the basil it grows”, comments James Chase, Founder (and Farmer!) of BAZ & CO. “We’re also big advocates for taking those extra pockets of time, no matter how small they are, and putting them to good use, so that you can benefit mentally and physically. Rituals and routines can be impactful in your daily life and it’s also why our products are designed to refresh and relax you, no matter what time of day you use them.”

JamesChasesethissightsonrejuvenatingthemaleskincaremarketthroughthepowerofinnovationandmodernfarming. Inspiredbyhis family’s journey of turning homegrown crops into original brands, Chase learned about the detrimental effects commercial farms have on the land and how the male grooming product variety are yet to hero the positive, environmental effects of growing products in vertical farms and therefore as a result, the goodness this gives our skin.

BAZ & CO is a new and exciting journey for vertical farming, a process whereby the natural ingredients are grown vertically, in stacked layers and in a controlled environment without soil. On average, vertical farms use 85% less water and 95% less land than traditional agriculture whilst the entire process is generated using renewable energy and includes zero pesticides.

Chase has always been passionate about a holistic approach to skincare and is fascinated by the natural goodness that comes from a single basilleaf. Basilisanaturalmoisturiserandproactivelyincreasesmoisturewhenincontactwiththeskin,itreducesroughnessandcontains tonnes of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. BAZ & CO source top natural ingredients primarily from the UK and select sustainable suppliers worldwide to complement basil. Formulated to work together to create outstanding natural skincare solutions.

BAZ & CO: this is just the start to growing a new future for male skincare.

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