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Discover Your Potential When You Stencil!  

After an amazing time at Spirit of Chritmas 2019 we were eager to return with more designs for our craft kits that make superb gifts for children.  We are excited to launch our new Christmas collection of stencils for 2020.  

Whether you’re looking for a fun present for your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or even godchildren this year – what better gift than to spend some quality time together? These fabric stencil kits are also great to bring out on Christmas Eve, to get everyone away from their devices and the TV for a while and do something creative together instead. 
Children and adults can all join in on the fun and you can proudly wear your finished t-shirts throughout the festive period. You could even use the fabric stencil kit in advance and make the t-shirts as gifts for your friends and family. The kit includes 2 stencils, 4 fabric paint - mess free with little dabber heads, t-shirt, designers note book, stencil tape and a black fabric pen.
The stencils can be used time and time again, so you can have fun with this kit for many Christmases to come. The stencils are versatile and can be used for other arts and crafts activities too. Maybe you want to make some thank you cards for the Christmas presents you received, or invitations to your New Year’s Eve party. 
If you have any other old t-shirts lying around, you can upcycle them with this kit too. There’s plenty of paint to use more than once, so you’ll get endless fun out of this kit. We also kept the fabric stencil kit box and insert black and white, so they can be coloured in for even more festive entertainment.
Our origial themes include Unicorn, Llama, Dragon, Flamingo, Robot, Orangutan, Turtle, Mermaids and Sloth and we think you will love our Snowglobe, Emoji Baubles and our take on the Traditional Christmas Jumper as part of our new Christmas 2020 range.  Our unique dabbers help create some funky looks and whilst we say the age is from 5 yr's parents with younger children have fun doing them together and we confess, there are many teens and adults who totally love our product too.  

It's a perfect gift to find at the Spirit of Christmas.