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A life style brand for home and fashion accessories Vshine Silk and Shine sets out to be different by offering high quality products in premium natural fabrics, mainly silk and cashmere, that are engineered to last, designed to differentiate, and crafted with love, for consumers who value quality but not necessarily want to compromise on value, who define and shape their own style but not necessarily follow the high street.

We go beyond fleeting fashion trends to deliver unique pieces in 100% premium natural fabric only with outstanding craftsmanship in classic and evergreen style, at unbeatable value, for consumers to wear and treasure for a long time.

From silk scarves inspired by Western art to jewellery boxes adorned with intricate Oriental silk embroidery each beautiful piece crafted by Vshine Silk and shine is designed to bring out the best from each and every culture.

Main product categories include

Fashion Accessories
  • 100% mulberry silk scarves and shawls
  • 100% cashmere scarves and shawls
  • 100% hand-stitched silk-embroidery handbags
Home Accessories
  • 100% mulberry silk bedding
Our founding pillars are
  • Craftsmanship
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Sustainability

Our design concept is bright and colourful to promote a confident and cheerful attitude, using 100% natural fabric that is environmentally friendly and sustainable

We work closely with female artists from developing countries for our product lines using time-honoured design and techniques from the origin of Silk Road, to bring the East and the West culture together, fashion and art together, while empowering these female artists through better income and a chance to show their talents to the outside world

The above ethos are not only applied to how we collaborate with our suppliers but equally importantly how we price our products to ensure a fair price to our customers providing them with affordable luxuries

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