My Copper Cup

Stand number: GG11

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<p>My Copper Cup achieves a fine balance between luxury, nature, tradition and health, making the users feel special while looking after their physical and mental well-being. A premium gauge of copper is used to create water vessels, which come in the form of cups, water bottles and tanks, which are encrusted with genuine gemstones, such as Amethyst, turquoise, and mother of pearl and set in pure silver. My Copper Cup has its roots in ayurveda, an ancient natural medical system which recommends storing water in copper to aid physical well-being copper. It purifies and alkalises water and is used to form collagen, aids digestion and helps with arthritis. For mental well-being each product is made to encourage mindfulness meditation, a technique used for centuries and scientifically proven to alleviate issues such as depression and anxiety. The gemstones are anchors for positive emotion and carefully selected to aid the user in working towards the positive affirmation engraved on the bottle, whilst also balancing their chakras. All products are handmade, recycled, recyclable and reuseable, allowing a harmonious relationship between ourselves and nature and keeping the traditions of our ancestors alive.</p>