The Morphbag by GSK

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The Morphbag by GSK is a revolutionary IP registered concept of 3 bags sold as 1. The set consists of a reversible tote, a cross-body bag and a clutch. London-based Italian designer Giovanna Sessi-Knott saw the everyday woman's need for practicality and style and thus reinvented the 'every day bag' as a capsule wardrobe handbag concept. A frequent traveller herself, Giovanna created The Morphbag to take the busy woman-on-the-go from day to night and from work to leisure.

As member of the U.N. supported Conscious Fashion Campaign and Giovanna being a passionate advocate of animal welfare, The Morphbag by GSK is set to bring awareness to consumers to make educated choices when shopping for fashion items and this way contributing to sustainable fashion. Giovanna grew up surrounded by the Italian fashion industry and understands that in order to help fashionistas to favour vegan faux leather bags, the designs will need to look and feel like leather and made with quality craftmanship.

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The Morphbag by GSK

A set of 3 luxury faux vegan leather bags for your capsule wardrobe - consisting of a of a reversible tote, a cross-body bag & clutch.

The Morphbag by GSK

The Morphbag by GSK