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Lemongrove Productions Ltd. is a family-run film production company.  We specialise in helping clients to digitise, organise, edit and enjoy their family footage.  We also provide professional film services for events and businesses.  If you have a milestone birthday or celebration on the horizon or if you need content for your website we can help. 

Film Transfers - Create Your Digital Film Archive 
Have all your old family footage digitised into a format that you can access, watch and enjoy.   We can transfer from cine (super 8, 8mm, 16mm), VHS and VHSC, Hi 8, Mini DV, DVDs, MicroMV, SD and phone.  We will collect, transfer and return everything to you in a format that is easily accessible and compatible with all your devices. 

Home Video and Phone Footage Editing
Transform your hours of footage into a beautiful film.  We will use music of your choice and include titles, photographs and effects.  We will work on the film until you are 100% happy. 

Children's Film Portraits
We interview your children. Capturing their thoughts, voices and mannerisms on camera for posterity.  Interviews with the parents, siblings and footage of the family together also included. 

Biography Films
A biography film is the perfect gift for a milestone celebration. We shoot interviews with the subject, their family and friends.  We then edit the interviews together with footage and photos from the family archive to tell the story of their life.