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Indigo Island is not just about shirts. It’s about passion, care and craft, woven into a unique concept. Indigo Island is a collaboration between two sisters, Torty Conner and Lulu Williams. With a shared interest in natural fabrics, colour and with an eye for detail, their vision unites superb authentic artisanship with distinctive contemporary design.

These block printed shirts for men combine the very best Indian textiles with original designs and high quality tailoring to create clothes that are stylish, relaxed and fun to wear. The idea grew from a summer trip to Europe. Travelling with her boyfriend, the Indian actor Asif Basra, Torty was amazed at people’s reactions whenever Asif was out and about wearing one of his custom-made block printed shirts; individual in design, casual and soft-cotton comfortable – perfect for a stroll through the morning market, barbecue lunch on the beach, or a bar at sunset. Everyone wanted to know where he got them. They were one-offs, he explained, from back home in India…

Lulu had some made for her teenage son; her husband, the actor Hugh Bonneville, was next in the queue. Then came requests from family and friends. The idea took flight. Indigo Island brings together the sisters’ creative talents and they are excited to be offering their unique line of men’s shirts exclusively online at indigoisland.co.uk. Torty and Lulu hope you will enjoy wearing Indigo Island shirts as much as they have enjoyed creating them.

The shirts are made from finely woven cotton cambric with an even 60-thread count warp and weft weave, giving them softness and an even grain. The fabric falls beautifully… perfect for cool, comfortable summer clothing. The cotton is then hand block printed by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India – proud masters of a heritage craft that has been a specialty of the region since the 17th Century. Intricate mirror image wood blocks are expertly carved, one for each layer of colour, then each carefully printed on the fabric by hand. The fabrics move on to Delhi, where they are washed in preparation for cutting and stitching. Each shirt is then hand cut and tailored, so that the patterns match across the plackets and pockets, giving them seamless quality.

Summery designs named after inspiring island locations which have already garnered fans including Richard E. Grant and Ronnie Wood.” - COUNTRY & TOWNHOUSE MAGAZINE