Horatio's Garden


Horatio’s Garden is an award-winning charity that creates and cares for, beautiful accessible gardens in NHS regional spinal injury centres.

Renowned garden designers develop these stunning sanctuaries for patients and their family. These thriving environments become a vital and integral part of patients and family lives whilst spending many months in hospital, rehabilitating from life changing injuries.

Dedicated gardeners, staff and volunteers ensure the gardens look incredible as well as organising activities and events, including garden and art therapy, music concerts and plenty of tea and homemade cake.

The Charity’s aim is to bring these oases to all 11 spinal injury centres across the UK.

The charity is named after Horatio Chapple. Horatio volunteered at the spinal centre but in 2011 Horatio’s life was cut short at the age of 17. These evolving gardens, which offer sanctuary, improve wellbeing and become so significant to those affected by spinal cord injury, are his legacy.