History Heroes

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<p>History Heroes makes award winning card games for all ages from 8 - 80+ about who made history, how and when. The 11 different games are all perfect gifts and stocking fillers with themes to suit every taste. Each of the 11 games contains 40 fantastically illustrated cards, packed with facts about the amazing characters, who have made and shaped our world: from Archimedes to Buzz Aldrin; from Boudica to Bowie; from Cleopatra to Charles Darwin. Win the cards by guessing who the characters are from the facts read out on the cards. Players can choose their level of fact from easy to hard or from a quirky joker fact. Play the games as gentle voyages of discovery or viciously competitively.&nbsp; Four of the games are officially licensed by the Science Museum. All the games are made in the UK. The 11 games are:<br /> <strong>CHILDREN in HISTORY: people, who have done amazing things while under the age of 18; EXPLORERS; INVENTORS; KINGS &amp; QUEENS; LONDON; SCIENTISTS;&nbsp;SPACE; SPORT; WOMEN in HISTORY; WORLD WAR ONE; WORLD WAR TWO</strong></p>