Estribos Argentina

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Our family moved from the Falkland Islands to farm sheep in Patagonia, Southern Argentina in 1863, and we pay tribute to our heritage with our truly Argentine range of products. From our traditional leather polo belts and more luxurious carpincho models, to our range of all weather hats and accessories – our aim is to proudly and authentically showcase Argentine culture across the world.
We value the importance of tradition and quality above all: the firm’s hat making activities in Buenos Aires go back over 130 years and our leather workshop has been in action for over three decades. Hand-crafting our products on our own premised ensures we can maintain production using only the highest quality materials, rather than relying on third party suppliers who may not meet our rigorous quality standards. After all, our name “Estribos” means Stirrups in Spanish and reflects the close relationship we have with the horse world and its respect for good leather. 
Our focus has always been on small scale production, embracing the attention to detail that comes with it. We offer a bespoke belt service, allowing you to design your own polo belt from a range of colours, leathers and stitch-ways.
We are confident you will be impressed by our products and invite you to explore our little corner of Argentina.