Augustine Jewels is a successful British luxury jewellery brand now sold globally.  All our designs are hand drawn and the finest and most exquisite gems are hand selected before our London craftsmen hand make every piece of jewellery.  We offer elegant and timeless Collections which are inspired by beautiful locations around the world immortalizing the memories and capturing their dazzling colour and natural beauty from Italy to Morroco to the Sahara and back.  These stunning collections take you from morning through into a special evening.  

Our Bespoke - having a piece of jewellery especially made is one of life's greatest pleasures.  It may be for a celebration - something designed by you with our help, for you or it may be a beautiful old inherited piece that would not see the light of day but with a little inspiration and creativity can be made into something special and wearable.  These final pieces can range in price from £1000 up to £250,000.

The third string to our bow is that we source Investment Stones, our owner, Alexandra Robson is an accredited jewellery professional certified by the Gemological Institute of America where she studied bespoke jewellery design and diamond and coloured stone grading.  If you are interested in investing in stones then she is happy to source or simply advise you.