Artisan & Fox

Stand number: L37

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Artisan & Fox is a social enterprise empowering artisans in developing regions, by connecting them to mindful consumers just like you.

We're on a mission to empower local artisans every day. We seek to redefine the way global retail works, by investing in local makers and helping them expand their micro-enterprises. Our needs-based approach evolves with each artisan community we partner with, starting with a needs assessment. This helps us identify traditional techniques, and tells us whether we need to co-create new products to improve product quality, or help artisans boost production capacity. Our operations are mindful and aim to sustainably increase artisans' incomes and quality of life.

We price our products such that artisans are provided 50% of the gross profits of each sale. Our artisans are paid in advance, so they do not face any liquidity barriers; and when needed, we also cover upfront for material and production costs for less privileged artisans or provide zero-interest micro-credit.