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9 Jerdan Place
United Kingdom
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+44 (0) 207 118 1245


A 360 degree approach to wellness. At ARDERE we make you feel good; body, mind and soul. We are a healthy lifestyle company specialising in natural aromatherapy candles and nutritional therapy.

At Spirit of Christmas we will be retailing the debut self-discovery candle collection and gift sets which are hand-poured in England. ARDERE candles are bringing you conscious living at its finest in a bid to conquer stress, using 100% organic natural wax, pure essential oils, with an exceptional burn time of 64 hours. 

​We created the company after co-founder Lauren became unwell with M.E/CFS and was unable to find help through orthodox medicine so turned to diet and lifestyle interventions which enabled her recovery. Along the journey we began experimenting with essential oils and learned all about the power of scent therapy and it’s healing powers on our physiology in improving our health in both body and mind. This led to us creating the self-discovery collection which comprises of 6 scents each based on a specific therapeutic purpose and luxury travel destination.

What Makes Our Candles So Special?
∼ 100% organic natural wax (no paraffins)
∼ 100% lead-free cotton wicks (no toxic lead)
∼ An abundance of pure essential oils to boost your wellbeing (we don’t scrimp on fragrance!)
∼ Naturopathically & destination-inspired
∼ Ethically made 
∼ Cruelty-free 
∼ Hand-poured in England
∼ Exceptional burn time (average 64hrs)

Nutritional Therapy
ARDERE's resident Nutritionist & Naturopath, Lauren Windas will also be giving FREE 1-1 nutrition consultations at the stand so make sure you stop by to address any of your health concerns.