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Dining Tickets


Complete yiour day at the Fair with one of our exclusive dining ticket upgrades at our Mosimann's Winter Restaurant.  Enjoy dining with friends over a light breakfast, bento box lunch which includes a complimentary glass of fine wine, or a traditional afternoon tea in the stunning Winter Restaurant overlooking the Fair.  Mosimann's offer an exquisite dining experience and their passionate staff provide an enticing palette of best-in-season specialities. 


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Mosimann's Dining Options



Lunch* - Aniseed Menu 


Lunch* - Cinnamon Menu    


Lunch* - Clove Menu       


Lunch* - Spirit of Christmas Menu     


Lunch* - Nutmeg Menu     


Afternoon Tea


* All lunches include a complimentary glass of wine.     



Lunch at Mosimann's Winter Restaurant
Mosimann's Seasonal Menu Bento Box