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Image Credits

Image Credits

Spirit of Christmas Fair main image credits

On console, left to right: Small wreath; white paper Christmas tree, both Barbed Ltd. White standing glittering reindeer; white leaping reindeer tree ornaments, both Deck-The-Hall. Off white ceramic tree ornaments, Amanda Mercer. Wrapping paper; silver metal star shaped tree ornament, both Globe Enterprises. Ribbons used for wrapping presents, Sophie's Ribbons.

Homeware and Soft furnishing

Stripy pale mohair throw; pale mohair throw; dark mohair throw, all Bottle Green Homes. Moss stitch cotton throw in Stone; pale pink cushion; white linen cushion, both Two Sisters. Snowflake motif Nordic cushion; hanging felt mistletoe branch; daschund draught extinguisher; natual hot water bottle; small snowflake motif cushion, all Indigo and Rose. Rotund felt robins, Deck-The-Hall. White fluffy cushion cover; velvet cushion covers, both Anna Craven. Rectangular half red half white linen cushion, Two Sisters.

Fashion & Jewellery

Silver ballet flats; gold and black ballet flats, both CocoRose. Ale pink camisole with gold embellishment, South West Ten. Grey clutch bag, Harriet Sanders. Pearl necklace with vintage pendant, Barbara Acton-Bond. Pale pink shoes, Its Got Soul. Grey cashmere shawl; cream cashmere shawl, both Bird of Paradise. Long pearl necklaces, Julia Pharo. Statement earrings, Amishi. Cream military coat, Browne and Daughters. Silver metallic knit jumper, South West Ten. Dark grey wool scarfs, Dagney D. Pink hombre scarf; pink embroidery scarf, both Jo Edwards. Pale blue and eau de Nile camisole; navy lace cardigan, both Gabriella Knight. Gold sequined top, Kaneshka. Large pink pearl with black ribbon necklace, By Elise.


Selection of knitted jumpers, Hambro and Miller. Multi coloured feather bird clips, Petra Boase. Small cream yatch; child's rose patterned vintage suitcase, both Lindsay Interiors. Blue rah-rah skirt; pale yellow top with sequins; blue smock dress, all Emma Levine. Hobby horses, Laurel Designs. Various animal shaped fabric draught extinguishers, Indigo and Rose. Animal blow up lanterns, Petra Boase. Pirate board game (one in box the other in a tin), Coiled Spring. JOY canvas, T-Rex canvas, alphabet range, Illuminated Canvas. Battery powered fairy lights, Think Gadgets. Hare cushion, Indigo and Rose.

Lights & Candles

Metal house shaped star cut-out candle; metal house shaped heart cut-out candle holder, both Barbed Ltd. Faded white ceramic candle holder with ivy and flower motif, Amanda Mercer. White tri and single wick free standing candles, Spitalfield Candle Co. White candle under cloche, True Grace. White metal and filigree tea light holders, Globe Enterprises. White stone swirl motif tea light holders, Anna Craven. Glass cloches with wooden base, Pure Grace.

Table Setting

White linen tablecloth; napkins, both Anna Craven. White metal filirgree pot with crackers, Globe Enterprises. Cake stand, Two Sisters. Ceramic decorations on plate, Amanda Mercer. Ribbon on wreath, Sophie's Ribbons. Small candles in glass, Spitalfield Candle Co. Crockery, Two Sisters. Silverware, Silver Editions. Lights (white various shapes hanging), Think Gadgets Ltd.

Food Shot

Linen napkins, Two Sisters. Owl shaped pitcher, Lindsay Interiors. Luxury Christmas cake; lust mango and ginger chutney; traditional Christmas pudding, all The Carved Angel. Selection of cheese knives and cutlery, Silver Edition. Cake stands, Two Sisters. Glass condiment dishes, Lindsey Interiors. Painted wine bottles, Two Sisters. Large metal bottle with net, Globe Enterprises. Lights (white various shapes hanging), Think Gadgets. Glass bowel with Safari animal motif; glass carafe with Safari animal motif, both JoJo Glass.


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