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Dukeshill Ham Company Ltd


Dukeshill is a family company based in Shropshire and we put care and craft into producing traditionally cured British hams. At Dukeshill we only use ethically produced British pork for our meat products, and work closely with local farmers who share our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming. Where possible, with regards to welfare, we use free-range pork (some breeds are just not cut out for spending all their lives outdoors in this country!). We encourage all our suppliers to gain accreditation with Freedom Foods to promote the highest level of animal welfare.

Our team is highly skilled with many years of experience using authentic, traditional recipes so you can be sure our products are full of flavour. We never add artificial flavourings or colourings and we don't add water to bulk up our meats.

We always look for flavour and texture rather than speed and yield, so we give our hams time to cure properly. We never take short cuts working by hand, the old-fashioned way, because we know that our produce tastes better when we do. We produce our hams and other fine foods in small batches because it is quality, not quantity, that matters to us.

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