Spirit of Christmas

  • Seven Glorious Days of Christmas Shopping
  • Uncover the perfect gifts for all the family
  • The Finest Artisan Producers
  • Invaluable Festive Inspiration
  • 750 Independent Boutiques

Unique Audience

The Spirit of Christmas Fair has a proven track record of delivering the most affluent shoppers – the richest 10% in the country. No other Christmas consumer event attracts the same quantity of discerning, high-income visitors who spend such a significant amount of money on the products and services they find at the Fair.

Key Fair Facts

  • 49,659 visitors in 2016, 91% of whom do not attend any other retail Christmas fair
  • Encompasses richest 10% in the country
  • Average household income – £120k
  • Average age – 45
  • Gender – 84% female
  • Social grade – 71% of database (90,000) come from the wealthiest ACORN segments in the country
  • Geographical profile – 78% of our audience live within 50 miles of Olympia